With thanks to AISU Torino 2022

It was an incredible experience to present my research on the analysis of C.A. Doxiadis’ architectural and city planning works in an unpublished Koolhaas-supervised text on Lagos at the 2022 Associazone Italiana di Historia Urbana (AISU) International Congress in Turin, Italy, alongside some amazing urban studies scholars from around the world.

My essay titled,‘Close to being right?’ C.A. Doxiadis, The Lagos Handbook, and the Harvard Project on the City’s Narrativization of Postcolonial Planning in Nigeria”, will likely be published in the Congress proceedings.

I am very grateful for the opportunity, which was supported by AISU’s young scholar participation grants. I plan to share more about this experience in a future issue of The Usonian newsletter.

Photo courtesy Ahmed Adham.

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