Harrison’s written a lot of random stuff over the years, but here’s a more curated—and manageable—breakdown.

Short Fiction

“Falling,” in Tales from the Deep anthology, Flying Ketchup Press, KC, MO, forthcoming 2022. [Promo Page].

“The Peacock,” Presented in PenDust Radio podcast, November 19, 2020. To be featured in Anthology of Short Fiction. Rivercliff Books, Boulder, CO, forthcoming 2022. [Podcast Link + Promo Page].

“Silent G,” in Delivering Views #29: Trio. Phaneromenis70, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4 May 2022. In English and in Greek. [Link].

“The Architects,” US-1, Summer 2015. [Link].


Harrison’s academic research concerns urban history and the modern history of the Mediterranean. He is a member of the Modern Greek Studies Association, the Society for American City and Regional Planning Historians, and the Delos Network, a group that focuses on the study of the work of global architect and planner Constantinos Doxiadis (1913-1975) and his design philosophy of ekistics, the science of human settlements. He is an associate book review editor for the Journal of Ecohumanism and a peer reviewer for Ekistics and the New Habitat.

“Planning for Ecumenopolis: Constantinos A. Doxiadis’ Quest to Design Postwar Athens, the United States, and the World,” Undergraduate thesis prepared for Princeton University Department of History, May 2017. Available on Request. [Link].

Recipient of A+ grade and four departmental awards: The Frederick Barnard White Prize in Architecture (Princeton University Department of Art & Archaeology), The Walter Phelps Hall Prize in European History (Princeton University Department of History), The Urban Studies Thesis Prize (Princeton University Program in Urban Studies), & the Hellenic Studies Senior Thesis Prize (Princeton University Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies).

See references to Harrison’s many Doxiadis and ekistics-related presentations on the “happenings” page.

Princeton-related histories

Harrison has conducted research for the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies and the Princeton University Department of Geosciences about each department’s fascinating and complicated histories and their predecessors at the educational institution.

“Princeton & the Hellenic World.” Narrative history project in profiles prepared for Princeton University Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies. Publication forthcoming.

“Mineralogy at Princeton: A Narrative History.” 2019 report prepared for Princeton University Department of Geosciences.

See related articles in Princeton Alumni Weekly [Alexander Hamilton Phillips, David Hosack, Harry Hess], Smilodon, [Archibald MacMartin] and the Princeton Historical Review [Princeton’s Lost Museum].

Selected Features

“Laura Dern, ‘A Woman in Trouble’: Fireflies Press’s latest Decadent Edition title takes on David Lynch’s uncanny 2006 picture starring Laura Dern,” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2021. [Link].

“‘Not a Self-Portrait’: Lynne Sachs’ Film About a Father Who Unspools the Collateral Damage of a Problematic Father,” Los Angeles Review of Books, 14 October 2021. [Link].

“Five Things I Learned from my MFA,” Start it Up, 13 September 2021. [Link].

“Shariff Korver’s Do Not Hesitate (2021),” The Brooklyn Rail, July 2021. [Link].

“The reimagined Mosquito Coast is a Hitchcockian chase thriller with a social critique,” CrimeReads, July 9, 2021. [Link].

“Paul Revere Williams, Versatile Architect of Tomorrow,” Nevada Humanities, June 2021. [Link].

“Blake Edwards’s Experiment in Terror (1962): Since its release in 1962, Experiment in Terror has inspired artists from David Lynch to Lana Del Rey.” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2021. [Link].

“The End of Moria?” The Nassau Weekly, 25 October 2020. [Link].

“Westward Denim,” Nevada Humanities ‘Heart to Heart’ series, 5 October 2020. [Link].

“Guyot Hall under Quarantine,” The Smilodon, Spring 2020. [Link].

“Archibald MacMartin, the musical mineralogist,” The Smilodon, Spring 2020. [Link].

“No ‘I’ in Travel? Travel writing in the Trump era,” The Startup, 31 March 2020. [Link].

“The Duel Doctor in Weehawken,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, 18 March 2020. [Link].

“Biden in Reno: ‘Trump pursued a personal political vendetta against me,'” Medium, 6 October 2019. [Link].

“Mister Mayor, The Mineralogist,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, 2 October 2019. [Link].

“When the power went out on Mayor Pete in Sparks, Nevada,” Medium, 29 September 2019. [Link].

“Amidst the specter of white nationalism, Reno feels the Bern,” Medium, 15 September 2019. [Link].

“Late-stage Betomania in Reno,” Medium, 26 April 2019. [Link].

“The Gathering Silence: Silent Spring and the diminishing returns of doomsday climate communication,” Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review, February 2019. [Link].

“The Refugee Crisis Then,” Medium, 4 October 2018. [Link].

“The Decline and Fall of the American Cinematic Dream,” Medium, 28 January 2018. [Link].

“‘Taos 2010’ dreams revisited,” The Taos News, 3 May 2018. [Link].

“The art of design, the influence of a place: The emergence of Pueblo Revival architecture in New Mexico,” The Taos News, 30 May 2018. [Link].

“The Last Jedi’s snark problem,” Medium, 28 December 2017. [Link].

“Princeton’s Lost Museum: Arnold Guyot’s E.M. Museum and the Great Juncture of American National History Museums in the Late 19th Century,” Princeton Historical Review. Fall 2017. [Link].

“Development rises in Taos,” The Santa Fe New Mexican, September 2017. [Link].

“Bridging art and education: Questa’s Claire Coté inspires awe,” The Taos News, 14 October 2017. [Link].

“Risking life and limb: Volunteer firefighter and logger Juan Abeyta,” The Taos News, 14 October 2017. [Link].

“New hydroponic greenhouse in San Cristobal grows ‘supercharged’ produce,” The Taos News, 10 August 2017. [Link].

“The Plague of Taos? A History of Bubonic Plague in New Mexico,” The Taos News, 12 July 2017. [Link].

“Editor’s Note: Risk-taking,” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2017. [Link].

“Volcanoes and Detectives: Writing unconventionally in academic work (and maybe doing it well),” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2017. [Link].

“The Ashes of Moria: On the front lines of the refugee crisis,” The Nassau Weekly, November 2016. [Link].

“Artistic Criticism: Van Dyck at the Frick Collection,” The Daily Princetonian, March 2016. [Link].

“The New York Guggenheim’s Avant Garde Beginnings,” The Culture Trip, 6 December 2016. [Link].

“Thesis: Works in Progress,” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2016. [Link].