Harrison’s written a lot of random stuff over the years, but here’s a more curated—and manageable—breakdown.

Short Fiction

“Falling,” in Tales from the Deep anthology, Flying Ketchup Press, KC, MO, forthcoming 2022. [Promo Page].

“The Peacock,” Presented in PenDust Radio podcast, November 19, 2020. To be featured in Anthology of Short Fiction. Rivercliff Books, Boulder, CO, forthcoming 2022. [Podcast Link + Promo Page].

“Silent G,” in Delivering Views #29: Trio. Phaneromenis70, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4 May 2022. In English and in Greek. [Link].

“The Architects,” US-1, Summer 2015. [Link].

Selected Features

“On Privacy, Paranoia, and Genre,” Los Angeles Review of Books, 12 July 2022. [Link].

“A Champion for Inner Space,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, January 2022. [Link]. 

“Climate Resignation in Inter Ice Age 4,” Ploughshares, 17 December 2021. [Link].

“The Cyprus International Film Festival,” The Brooklyn Rail, December 2021 / January 2022. [Link].

“A Visit to Rüstem’s Bookshop, Cyprus’s Historic Bookstore-Café,” Literary Hub, 16 December 2021. [Link].

“Laura Dern, ‘A Woman in Trouble’: Fireflies Press’s latest Decadent Edition title takes on David Lynch’s uncanny 2006 picture starring Laura Dern,” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2021. [Link].

“‘Not a Self-Portrait’: Lynne Sachs’ Film About a Father Who Unspools the Collateral Damage of a Problematic Father,” Los Angeles Review of Books, 14 October 2021. [Link].

“Five Things I Learned from my MFA,” Start it Up, 13 September 2021. [Link].

“Shariff Korver’s Do Not Hesitate (2021),” The Brooklyn Rail, July 2021. [Link].

“The reimagined Mosquito Coast is a Hitchcockian chase thriller with a social critique,” CrimeReads, July 9, 2021. [Link].

“Paul Revere Williams, Versatile Architect of Tomorrow,” Nevada Humanities, June 2021. [Link].

“Blake Edwards’s Experiment in Terror (1962): Since its release in 1962, Experiment in Terror has inspired artists from David Lynch to Lana Del Rey.” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2021. [Link].

“The End of Moria?” The Nassau Weekly, 25 October 2020. [Link].

“Westward Denim,” Nevada Humanities ‘Heart to Heart’ series, 5 October 2020. [Link].

“Guyot Hall under Quarantine,” The Smilodon, Spring 2020. [Link].

“Archibald MacMartin, the musical mineralogist,” The Smilodon, Spring 2020. [Link].

“No ‘I’ in Travel? Travel writing in the Trump era,” The Startup, 31 March 2020. [Link].

“The Duel Doctor in Weehawken,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, 18 March 2020. [Link].

“Biden in Reno: ‘Trump pursued a personal political vendetta against me,'” Medium, 6 October 2019. [Link].

“Mister Mayor, The Mineralogist,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, 2 October 2019. [Link].

“When the power went out on Mayor Pete in Sparks, Nevada,” Medium, 29 September 2019. [Link].

“Amidst the specter of white nationalism, Reno feels the Bern,” Medium, 15 September 2019. [Link].

“Late-stage Betomania in Reno,” Medium, 26 April 2019. [Link].

“The Gathering Silence: Silent Spring and the diminishing returns of doomsday climate communication,” Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review, February 2019. [Link].

“The Refugee Crisis Then,” Medium, 4 October 2018. [Link].

“‘Taos 2010’ dreams revisited,” The Taos News, 3 May 2018. [Link].

“The art of design, the influence of a place: The emergence of Pueblo Revival architecture in New Mexico,” The Taos News, 30 May 2018. [Link].

“The Decline and Fall of the American Cinematic Dream,” Medium, 28 January 2018. [Link].

“The Last Jedi’s snark problem,” Medium, 28 December 2017. [Link].

“Princeton’s Lost Museum: Arnold Guyot’s E.M. Museum and the Great Juncture of American National History Museums in the Late 19th Century,” Princeton Historical Review. Fall 2017. [Link].

“Development rises in Taos,” The Santa Fe New Mexican, September 2017. [Link].

“Bridging art and education: Questa’s Claire Coté inspires awe,” The Taos News, 14 October 2017. [Link].

“Risking life and limb: Volunteer firefighter and logger Juan Abeyta,” The Taos News, 14 October 2017. [Link].

“New hydroponic greenhouse in San Cristobal grows ‘supercharged’ produce,” The Taos News, 10 August 2017. [Link].

“The Plague of Taos? A History of Bubonic Plague in New Mexico,” The Taos News, 12 July 2017. [Link].

“Editor’s Note: Risk-taking,” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2017. [Link].

“Volcanoes and Detectives: Writing unconventionally in academic work (and maybe doing it well),” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2017. [Link].

“The Ashes of Moria: On the front lines of the refugee crisis,” The Nassau Weekly, November 2016. [Link].

“Artistic Criticism: Van Dyck at the Frick Collection,” The Daily Princetonian, March 2016. [Link].

“The New York Guggenheim’s Avant Garde Beginnings,” The Culture Trip, 6 December 2016. [Link].

“Thesis: Works in Progress,” Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy, Spring 2016. [Link].