I’ve written a lot over the years, but here’s a highlight reel.

Short Fiction

“Falling,” in Tales from the Deep anthology, Flying Ketchup Press, KC, MO, October 2022. [Available in paperback and on Kindle via Amazon]. Pushcart Prize Nominee.

“Silent G,” in Delivering Views #29: Trio. Phaneromenis70, Nicosia, Cyprus, May 2022. In English and in Greek. [Link].

“The Peacock,” Presented in PenDust Radio podcast, November 2020. [Podcast Link].

“The Architects,” US-1, Summer 2015. [Link].

Essay in Edited Collection

“Southwestern fantasy: Pueblo Revival and regional authenticity in New Mexico,” in Richards et al, Region, Routledge, London, forthcoming July 2023. [Link].

Selected Features

“Karen Han’s Bong Joon Ho: Dissident Cinema,” The Brooklyn Rail, December 2022 / January 2023. [Link].

“On Privacy, Paranoia, and Genre,” Los Angeles Review of Books, July 2022. [Link].

“A Champion for Inner Space,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, January 2022. [Link]. 

“Climate Resignation in Inter Ice Age 4,” Ploughshares, December 2021. [Link].

“The Cyprus International Film Festival,” The Brooklyn Rail, December 2021 / January 2022. [Link].

“A Visit to Rüstem’s Bookshop, Cyprus’s Historic Bookstore-Café,” Literary Hub, December 2021. [Link].

“Laura Dern, ‘A Woman in Trouble’,” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2021. [Link].

“‘Not a Self-Portrait’,” Los Angeles Review of Books, October 2021. [Link].

“Shariff Korver’s Do Not Hesitate (2021),” The Brooklyn Rail, July 2021. [Link].

“The reimagined Mosquito Coast is a Hitchcockian chase thriller with a social critique,” CrimeReads, July 2021. [Link].

“Paul Revere Williams, Versatile Architect of Tomorrow,” Nevada Humanities, June 2021. [Link].

“Blake Edwards’s Experiment in Terror (1962),” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2021. [Link].

“Westward Denim,” Nevada Humanities, October 2020. [Link].

“The Duel Doctor in Weehawken,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, March 2020. [Link].

“Mister Mayor, The Mineralogist,” Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 2019. [Link].

“The Gathering Silence,” Anthroposphere: The Oxford Climate Review, February 2019. [Link].

“‘Taos 2010’ dreams revisited,” The Taos News, May 2018. [Link].

“Princeton’s Lost Museum,” Princeton Historical Review. Fall 2017. [Link].

“The Plague of Taos? A History of Bubonic Plague in New Mexico,” The Taos News, July 2017. [Link].


Blackman, H. (2022). The Demolition at Porto Rafti: Retracing Doxiadis’ Remarkable Life and Contested Legacy. [Special Issue] Ekistics-related research – A Critical Approach to the Ekistics Legacy. Ekistics and the New Habitat, 82(1), 91-94. https://doi.org/10.53910/26531313-E2022821464.

Blackman, H. (2017). Planning for Ecumenopolis: Constantinos A. Doxiadis’ Quest to Design Postwar Athens, the United States, and the World. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, http://arks.princeton.edu/ark:/88435/dsp018p58pg544. Winner of the Walter Phelps Hall Prize in European History, The Urban Studies Thesis Prize, the Hellenic Studies Thesis Prize, and the Frederick Barnard White Prize for Architecture.

Selected Lectures

“City in Amber: Competing visions for the future of Varosha, Cyprus.” Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium 2022. Toronto, Canada. October 2022.

“‘Close to being right?’ C.A. Doxiadis, The Lagos Handbook, and the Harvard Project on the City’s Narrativization of Postcolonial Planning in Nigeria.” Associazone Italiana di Storia Urbana (AISU) International Congress 2022. Torino, Italy. September 2022.

“The City In-Between: Competing visions for the image of Limassol.” Centre for Visual Arts and Research, Severis Foundation. Nicosia, Cyprus. June 2022. [Link].

“Southwestern fantasy: Pueblo Revival and regional authenticity in New Mexico.” Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference: Region. Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK (Remote conference). November 2021. [Link].

“The Planning Oracle on CBS: Doxiadis and the American Media.” Society for American City and Regional Planning History Conference. Arlington, VA. November 2019.

“The Visionary in the Marsh: Doxiadis and the Dream of Eastwick.” Delos Network Conference 2: Practises. Benaki Museum, Peireos Street Annexe, Athens, Greece. September 2018. [Link + Page].