“Region,” a new volume of architectural essays from Routledge, to be released in July

I’m thrilled to have an essay titled “Southwestern Fantasy: Pueblo Revival and architectural authenticity in New Mexico” in a new volume of architectural essays from Routledge.

Region, edited by Simon Richards, Cagri Sanliturk, Robert Schmidt III, and Falli Palaiologou, is the latest in a series from the Architectural Humanities Research Association. The book will be published in late July 2023; the articles in the volume center around questions of regionality in architecture and urban studies. Learn more about the book here.

I will be writing more about my contribution to the volume in The Usonian newsletter in the months to come. Cheers!

Read “Famagusta Collage, Part I: The city of the horned god” in The Usonian

This week’s post in The Usonian is the first of a five-part series, “Famagusta Collage,” on one of the most historically interesting cities in Cyprus across deep time. Read it here.

It’s also my first Substack read-aloud—you can listen to me read the post by clicking the play button at the top of the article. If readers respond to it, I’ll make it a more regular feature.

Thanks for reading!

Featured image: (Gerhard Haubold, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Read “Karen Han’s Bong Joon Ho: Dissident Cinema” in The Brooklyn Rail

For The Brooklyn Rail, I reviewed Karen Han’s new book, “Bong Joon Ho: Dissident Cinema.” The book is a fascinating glimpse into the background of the Oscar-winning “Parasite” director’s filmography and process.

In the same issue, you can also find an amusing list of films—you may have heard of the new Sight and Sound list of the greatest films in history, but have you heard of The Brooklyn Rail’s “Greatest Films You’ll Never See”?

It was fun to participate in this list of classic (but nearly impossible to watch) films!