“Region,” a new volume of architectural essays from Routledge, to be released in July

I’m thrilled to have an essay titled “Southwestern Fantasy: Pueblo Revival and architectural authenticity in New Mexico” in a new volume of architectural essays from Routledge.

Region, edited by Simon Richards, Cagri Sanliturk, Robert Schmidt III, and Falli Palaiologou, is the latest in a series from the Architectural Humanities Research Association. The book will be published in late July 2023; the articles in the volume center around questions of regionality in architecture and urban studies. Learn more about the book here.

I will be writing more about my contribution to the volume in The Usonian newsletter in the months to come. Cheers!

“Falling” nominated for Pushcart Prize

I’m thrilled and honored to announce that my short story, “Falling,” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. A fabulist retelling of Frank Lloyd Wright’s construction of the Fallingwater house, “Falling” takes real-life architectural history and bends it into horror.

You can find the story in Flying Ketchup Press’ new speculative fiction anthology, Tales from the Deep. The book features art by Alex Eikhoff (including the painting of Fallingwater in this post). Learn more about the story and the book in my newsletter post from October 2022.

The inventive Flying Ketchup Press has also crafted more ways to celebrate the book. You can now also order posters based on the story, book, and other great stories and wonderful authors in the anthology here.

“Falling” was a story long in the making (and writing)—it is such a pleasant surprise for it to be recognized with a nomination.

Read “From Turin to Toronto” in The Usonian

This week in The Usonian, I wrote about my recent presentations in Turin and Toronto—on Doxiadis Associates’ historic city planning activities in Nigeria, and the ghost city of Varosha in Cyprus, respectively.

It was such a privilege to discuss my work in these incredible places. I am grateful for the support of AISU and the MGSA in supporting my travel.

Read the newsletter here.

Read “On Fallingwater and ‘Tales from the Deep'” in The Usonian

My short story “Falling”—a ghost story inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s construction of Fallingwater—has just been published in Flying Ketchup Press’ fiction anthology “Tales from the Deep,” available from Amazon in paperback and ebook.

You can learn more about the historical background to the short story in the latest post of The Usonian newsletter. Read it here.

Special thanks to MGSA Toronto 2022

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have presented my paper, “City in Amber: Competing visions for the future of Varosha” at the 2022 Modern Greek Studies Symposium held at York University in Toronto, Canada, in which I discussed the abandoned city of Varosha, a major component of my Fulbright research in Cyprus.

I’m grateful for the financial support of the MGSA which made this presentation possible, and I hope to share the content of this presentation in other formats soon.

Photo © Harrison Blackman.

With thanks to AISU Torino 2022

It was an incredible experience to present my research on the analysis of C.A. Doxiadis’ architectural and city planning works in an unpublished Koolhaas-supervised text on Lagos at the 2022 Associazone Italiana di Historia Urbana (AISU) International Congress in Turin, Italy, alongside some amazing urban studies scholars from around the world.

My essay titled,‘Close to being right?’ C.A. Doxiadis, The Lagos Handbook, and the Harvard Project on the City’s Narrativization of Postcolonial Planning in Nigeria”, will likely be published in the Congress proceedings.

I am very grateful for the opportunity, which was supported by AISU’s young scholar participation grants. I plan to share more about this experience in a future issue of The Usonian newsletter.

Photo courtesy Ahmed Adham.