In a multifarious career there are many opportunities to engage with the public all over the globe. Here is a list of Harrison’s lectures, workshops, readings, panels, exhibitions, and podcast appearances, with links if possible.


“The City In-Between: Competing visions for the image of Limassol.” Centre for Visual Arts and Research, Severis Foundation. Nicosia, Cyprus. 16 June 2022. [Link].

“On Storytelling across Genres: Approaches toward Writing ‘Cyprus in the 21st Century.'” The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus. 9 June 2022.

“Southwestern fantasy: Pueblo Revival and regional authenticity in New Mexico.” Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference: Region. Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK (Remote conference). Panelist, November 2021. [Link].

“Ekistics in Nicosia in the 21st Century.” Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference: Region. Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK (Remote conference). A Pecha Kucha prepared for workshop discussion, November 2021.

“The Planning Oracle on CBS: Doxiadis and the American Media.” Society for American City and Regional Planning History Conference. Arlington, VA. Panelist, November 2019.

“The Visionary in the Marsh: Doxiadis and the Dream of Eastwick.” Delos Network Conference 2: Practises. Benaki Museum, Peireos Street Annexe, Athens, Greece. September 2018. [Link + Page].

“Planning for Ecumenopolis: Doxiadis’ Quest to Design the World.” Princeton University Urban Studies Senior Thesis Colloquium. Panelist, Princeton, NJ, May 2017.

“Princeton’s Lost Museum: Arnold Guyot’s E.M. Museum of Geology and Archaeology and the great juncture of American natural science museums.” Princeton Research Day. Department of History, Princeton University, May 2017. [Link].

“The Mantua-Makers’ misfortune: Reconsidering the 1720 Plague of Marseille through geospatial epidemiology and retrospective diagnosis.” Princeton Research Day. Department of History, Princeton University, May 2016.


“Propulsive: Crafting the Opening Scene.” Writing Workshop at Home for Cooperation, UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus, May 2022. [Link].

“A True and Beautiful Story: Crafting the Narrative Biography.” Writing Workshop co-taught with Janan Alexandra, Home for Cooperation, UN Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus, March 2022. [Link + Recap].

“The Art of Narrative Architecture.” Writing Workshop, Princeton University Writing Program, Princeton, NJ, April 2018.


Reading from short story, “The Peacock.” WriteCy Open Mic. Kala Kathoumena, Nicosia, Cyprus, May 2022.

Reading from short story, “Silent G.” Delivering Views #29: Trio. Phaneromenis70, Nicosia, Cyprus, May 2022.

Reading from Blood Falls. “Close Quote UNR MFA Readings.” University of Nevada, Reno MFA Program Readings. Virtual, May 2021.

“The End of Moria?” The Nassau Weekly Open Mic. Virtual, October 2020.

“The scandals of Warren G. Harding.” Writer’s Resist Readings. Coffee N’ Comics, Reno, NV, January 2020.

“Breaking My Nose.” Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl MFA Readings. Washoe Public House, Reno, NV, September 2019.

“A TedTalk-tirade against movies like Sicario 2.” Writers for Migrant Justice Reading. The Holland Project, Reno, NV. September 2019.

“Excerpt from Blood Falls.” Lewis Center for the Arts Program in Creative Writing Senior Thesis Readings. Prospect House, Princeton, NJ, May 2017.

“Excerpt from Blood Falls.” C.K. Williams Reading Series. Labyrinth Books, Princeton, NJ, February 2017.


Fulbright Alumni Panel. Office of International Programs, Princeton University. Virtual. Panelist, March 2022. [Link].

The Brooklyn Rail Summer Series: Film. Virtual. Panelist, July 2021. [Link].

Urban Studies Career Panel. Program of Urban Studies, Princeton University. Virtual. Panelist, November 2020.


“Delivering Views #29: Trio.” Phaneromenis70, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4-18 May 2022.

“Rocks all the way down: The earthshaking history of Princeton mineralogy.” Poster presentation, Princeton Research Day, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, May 2018.

“Landscapes of Development.” School of Architecture, Princeton University. Contributor, pop-up exhibit, Princeton, NJ, May 2017.


Film at Fifty: Brian’s Song. Guest, 26 November 2021. [Link].

Film at Fifty: Mulholland Drive with Harrison Blackman and Renegade Film Theory. Guest, 12 October 2021. [Link].

Film at Fifty: The Panic in Needle Park with Harrison Blackman. Guest, 30 July 2021. [Link].

Film at Fifty: Get Carter and the Career of Michael Caine. Guest, 26 March 2021. [Link].

Film at Fifty: THX 1138 and the Career of George Lucas. Guest, 5 March 2021. [Link].

Film at Fifty: Mank and the Career of David Fincher. Guest, 8 December 2020. [Link].

PenDust Radio: “The Peacock.” Short story performed as audiobook/radioplay. November 2020. [Link.]

Film at Fifty: I Never Sang For My Father. Guest, 16 October 2020. [Link].

These Vibes are Too Cosmic. Feat. Lian Zhu on cellular engineering and optogenetics + Harrison on Blood Falls glacier. Guest, 22 November 2016. [Link].